Our Facilities:
(Buildings & Surroundings)

The Blue Building

The new building at Majestic School:
- The Ground Floor  consists of:  Toddlers of 2 and 3 years old class rooms, a reception, an auditorium,  a garden, a clinic, and an extension of the canteen.

- The First Floor is constructed for preschoolers ages 4, 5  and 6 and a cafeteria. 

- The Second Floor consist of: Crawling toddlers and nursery class roomsoms teacher’s room and a roof garden.

The Main Building
- The Ground Floor is dedicated for the Administration Office and an Auditorium ,that is used for morning assembly; and KG1, KG2 classes.

- The First Floor has one Faculty Room for English Teachers and one for the Arabic Teachers, computer Laboratory, two KG3 Classes, and Grades 1-3 Classes.

- The Second Floor contains Grades 4,5 and 6  next to the Library and the Stockroom. The Science Laboratory is an extension situated at the Entrance of the school and the Canteen is situated from the other side of the building.

Our KG Classrooms and Centers

Each student has a personal space to store clothes, bags and art works.

The classroom comprises the following corners: circle time carpet, wooden blocks, plastic animals, small cars, library, play dough table, discovery corner, craft and educational games corner as an assortment of lacing, beading, sorting materials as well as puzzles, counting logs etc.

Dramatic corners change every week according to the theme of the week. Themes could be water, people of the world, food and health, transportation, etc.

Our Computer Lab
Our Science Lab
Our Library
Our Clinic
Our Playground
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