Computer Lab 
Technology Education is more than child’s play!

At Majestic School, we help the children learn technology and problem-solving skills. We teach proper computer usage and technology using Right Click book. We also use digital cameras, scanners, printers and more. Our curriculum is hands-on, interactive, cooperative, fun and helps develop the child's functions.

Through participation, children gain a solid understanding of the personal computer as a valuable learning tool. Not only will children master basic computer skills, they develop academic readiness skills in math, science and literacy as well as life skills to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Computers are an important aspect of elementary school systems. We understand that many young children know how to “play” on the computer, but needs direct instruction to fully utilize its capabilities. Through our program, children are guided by the instructor to develop the technology skills necessary to exceed in school. In our classes, children use their imagination, increase self-esteem, experience success and have fun!

Parents tell us that their child is more efficient and careful with their home computer after taking Majestic School classes. Also many parents find that their children begin to teach them about the computer!
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